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The name's Natalie. Natalie Anna Grace Francesci. Most people called me Fire, short for Firecracker. If you call me Anna, Grace, Anna Grace, Annie, Ann, or Gracie, I'll hit you so hard it'll make your head spin.

In just a few months, I'll officially be the mommy of a beautiful little girl named Finley Auden Casablancas. Her daddy is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love him very much.


Let’s Have Some Fun // Drew & Kitten ;)

Natalie had had a lot of fun the last time Drew stayed over and she was really happy that he was coming over again. Not only that, but she was happy that the last he really was there when she woke up, and hadn’t just left. Now, she had everything ready. To her, it wasn’t just some random hookup this time. She’d lit candles, thrown rose petals all over the room and there was soft, soft music playing. All the other lights were off and she was dressed in a thin camisole and a pair of lacy boy shorts. The only thing she hoped was that she wasn’t going to scare him off or anything. She would hate that. She really just couldn’t wait until he showed up. 

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    "You mean amazing, right?" She asked, smirking, before lying back on her pillows and waving at him. "Show up later and...
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    Drew smiled and laced his arms behind his head, yawning. “Alright, cool. Wasn’t really looking forward to losing all...